The United States Celebrity Kat Von D Tattoos

Crossing the Blues, University of the Nations, Social Work and Education, Shop Clothes Online, Radiology Information Social Work and Education While acceptance of tattoos in the mainstream has been growing for some time, with 15 percent of men in the United States wearing a tattoo, and 13 percent of women, the growing fame and celebrity Kat Von D has really brought the art to a high level like her more than anyone, is undoubtedly the face of tattooing to the masses.

Of course, within the inner circles of the subculture that many great artists that Kat is respected and considered much more talent.

One in particular has high Kore is Flatman, who has been his mentor and inspiration.

This is true in some respects, but in their specific area that is up there on top.

But because it's interesting, photogenic and loves art, she is quickly becoming the largest marketing tool that gender has played.

I think what makes Kat Von D, commercially, is not just her dark beauty, it definitely has, but she is able to appeal to the inner circle of the world of tattoo and not be considered as a betrayal, while at the same time capable of reaching the average person, and not be considered rare, to the point of not being able to connect to it.

In other words, is perfect for the job, and his passion for his craft lets you represent in a way that is real and not artificial. People feel the passion of someone who really loves what they do, and that's part of the personality of Von D.

As for his personal favorite tattoo? It is the star tattoos on the side of the head.

If Kat Von D chooses, she can go as far as you want, the doors open before her, and she is building its brand in other areas such as makeup, and also published his first book in early 2009 - High Voltage Tattoo.

What is surprising about this to me is how design can be applied to many areas, and the things that are thought to be limited, can be taken much further than you can imagine.

That's where the tattoo is today, and that is just beginning. Kat Von D is one of those helping to the next level.

Cyclists have developed a unique culture all their own. This has resulted in a series of stereotypes that are usually wrong and sometimes just right disrespectful. In the 1950's and 60 cyclists were portrayed as violent criminals and evil. Believe it or not, very few cyclists are actually in vicious motorcycle gangs. In recent years, tattoos have become synonymous with the cyclists. It's hard to go to a meeting and not see the tattoos that cover half of the crowd, despite brands ranging from very simple to extremely complex body parts large. These works have become an integral part of motorcycle culture and led to the emergence of a number of famous tattoo artists.

One of the world's most famous artists rose to fame in recent years. Kat Von D first appeared on the world stage in The Learning Channel series Miami Ink. After separation of the show, she has her own business and show, LA Ink, which currently runs on TLC. Kat began her career as a tattoo artist in just 16 years old. She honed her skills for many years before venturing on his own. His rise to fame and fortune has allowed him to venture into other facets of the industry, including an exclusive tattoo cover makeup. Kat recently released a book called "High Voltage Tattoo", which chronicles his work and his journey through the world of body art. People go to tattoo Von D need to plan well ahead and be prepared to spend a lot of cash.

Another famous name in the tattoo world and the bike is Corey Hart. Most people know Hart from their outstanding performance in extreme sports of motocross. He made his initial fortune racing dirt bikes. Hart decided to pursue his interest in tattoos and partnered with his friend John Hunt to open a store in Las Vegas, Nevada. This shop, Hart & Huntington, is the subject of a television show called Inked which airs on A & E. The show has been very popular and has a group of artists. Hart & Huntington tends to cater to the luxury crowd of celebrities, but many people walking in looking to get tattooed. If you're thinking of going to the store, be prepared to pay a good part of the change, because his crew is not cheap labor. Although most of the things that happen in Vegas stays in Vegas, it will be difficult to hide his visit to the store H & H.

Women artists are increasingly common in the tattoo community and even break into the business end by opening his own tattoo shop. Some of these stores are filled with all the women artists. Tattooing has been a predominantly male-oriented field until the last ten years. The tattoo culture has made great changes since the tattoos have become so popular and general. It also should emphasize the quality of the work not the artist's sexual orientation. In some rare cases, female tattoo artist are preferred by female clients.

Some clients are uncomfortable with a male artist to work in certain parts of their anatomy and for that reason, they may feel less shy and uncomfortable with someone of the same sex. Although a woman can get a tattoo on the lower back, or say in the chest area, you may feel that is just one area that they want their significant others to see.

A private art piece just for the eyes of her husband or boyfriend. Not everyone wants to show his new works of art for the world to see. The women tattoo artists are growing in numbers so large that it is an annual convention featuring only female tattoo artists around the country.

A public testimony to this change in the tattoo industry, is the popularity and talent of Kat Von D. Seeing a young female artist like Kat a popular program like Miami Vice holding its own and even be a strong enough artist to get your own store and display, support for public awareness and acceptance of women in the business world of tattoos.

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