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The sixteen years of age, is technically a singer, but is best known as an unstoppable online icon and teen sensation prodigious. Recent studies have shown that Twitter 3% microblogging servers dedicated to him, and his name is mentioned 60 times per second during peak hours. To put this figure in perspective, the co-founder Evan Williams reported that the average 90 million Twitter tweets per day, which means that there are approximately 2.7 million mentions of Justin Bieber on a given day. In simpler terms, it seems as if the online fandom Bieber has the influence and prevalence measurable for a small country.

How could one person, let alone a teenager innocent and harmless in a small town in Canada, deserve so much? What could be so fascinating about Justin Bieber? Despite its two discs (entitled My world and my world 2. 0) sales soared that barely illuminated the music industry with songs interesting or innovative. And with due respect to adolescents, their life experiences, at the age of sixteen are practically nonexistent.

Despite his lack of achievements, ongoing conversation over the Internet about Justin Bieber is becoming more important every day. The discussions often revolve around his helmet hair, her eight year old girl voice, or its tendency to attract water bottles to throw it on stage. Nobody said it was an interesting guy, but the Internet sure has taken an unhealthy interest for him. In any case, the worldliness of Justin Bieber has not left his bit in popularity. While his celebrity status may seem very lucky, I do not think that your success is entirely accidental. In an attempt to rationalize the 'fever Bieber', this article discusses the many factors that contributed to its mass appeal.

There are a large part of society that loves history triumphant loser. Unlike the children of celebrities who were born in the media attention, no one foresaw the same level of popularity of a child in a small town grew up in Stratford, Ontario. There is a difference in how we perceive teen stars Miley Cyrus as compared to Justin Bieber. The first catapulted to fame fame with the help of his dad's role in the production of Hannah Montana, but also comes across as artificial and right in the reports of many media. It's difficult to eradicate Cyrus to be successful, especially with so many disputes that attracts, especially with a silver spoon inserted into his mouth.

In contrast, the humble beginnings of Justin Bieber did a lot more feet on the ground of other icons of teens who crash and burn. Before being discovered on YouTube in 2008, he was just a normal guy who participated in several singing contests, but otherwise an unknown entity in the world of celebrities. A big fan of their momentum came from the fact that his popularity was not foreseen or calculated. His rise to fame was as an organic story, modernized Cinderella, a fairy godmother named Usher. This does not mean that it became popular because people felt sorry for him, but rather Bieber echo in the masses, because he was so easy to identify.

"Relatable" is a difficult word to describe Justin Bieber. Many of his fans are normal teenagers, so it's obviously a relatable figure. And yes, many of these teens spend too much time online, littering the web with all worldly thoughts in their developing minds. However, I also believe that the online community took a liking to Justin Bieber, because it could "relate to your trip - an ordinary man have not been recognized without the Internet. In essence, the web is the birthplace of Bieber. Therefore, the Internet "adopted" Bieber as one of yours. We have driven his popularity through Twitter, like how they initially approached us through Youtube.

Bieber has several unique features that are critical to its success. First, it seems to be excited about his sudden fame. While other be hampered by the pressure of so much media attention, it nurtures Bieber. We know that many of the celebrities who try to lead a "private" life, so shut out of the limelight as much as possible. However, Bieber welcomes the publicity opens his arms, making always a friendly and welcoming attitude to any media platform. In an interview in 2010 with The Early Show, Bieber said: "It was an incredible experience coming from a small town in Canada, and having to evolve to what it is today. So I feel very blessed." This appreciation is a recurring theme in his numerous interviews.

He is also recognition of his enormous fan base. Many thanks to celebrity fans fans in the occasional interview or a speech awards, but actions speak louder than words, and Justin Bieber works very hard to get to their fan base. Perhaps because he is a teenager, but Bieber frequently interacts with his fans through Twitter. On September 16, a fan of tweets: ". I have a five million to one chance that @ justinbieber will see this and Twitter me a happy birthday" And, of course, Bieber's response: "Happy bday # smile ". We also always leave messages like "im honored and grateful to have the support ur" and "best fans in the world!" The relationship is clear: Justin Bieber loves his fans as much as I love him.

Finally, and most importantly, this guy has so much charisma. Not particularly eloquent or profound, but Bieber is lovely to play to their fans. He knows the right words to say to get a positive reaction. He knows the right avenues to reach your target demographic. He even knows the right time to wink at the audience, causing all the girls to faint in unison.

Justin Bieber is a self-conscious celebrity who never lets fame get to his head. In addition to working very hard to keep his fame and popularity, know yourself market potential. "Bieber Fever" and "Beliebers" often the trend on Twitter, and these nicknames as absurd as it may sound, that perfectly captures its essence - a joke with a wink to his fans, making a nod to its dissidents, and winking the web in general. He does not take itself too seriously, but is serious about his fans, his reputation and career. This guy made a great effort to become famous.

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